Points of interest in La Fortuna

La Fortuna is a small community in Costa Rica, northwest of the capital, San José. It is known as an access road to Arenal Volcano National Park, which encompasses 2 volcanoes. The active Arenal volcano still has lava flows. There are several hot springs at the foot of the volcano, in the Tabacón hot springs river. The dormant Chato volcano has a crater lake and trails through the rainforest leading to La Fortuna waterfall and its natural pool.

You can visit:

You can visit: 
National Parks
Hot springs
Hot springs spas

Arenal Volcano

It has an altitude of 1670 meters above sea level. The volcano is located within the Arenal Volcano National Park.

Kalambú Hot Springs

Water park with slides, a children's play area, swimming pools with bar and restaurant.

The Deer Caverns

More than 6 million years old that support the beauty of the waterfalls, numerous stalactites and stalagmites and an exotic fauna.

La Fortuna Waterfall

The waterfall drops about 70-75 meters and is located at the base of the Chato volcano area.

Arenal Lake

Lake Arenal is an artificial reservoir located in Costa Rica formed after the construction of a dam in 1979.

Chato Hill

Cerro Chato Volcano is a stratovolcano located in Costa Rica. It is located in La Fortuna de San Carlos.